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The Paso Fino





margie fochtMargie Focht – There are several types of people in the horse industry. Some like horses, some love horses and some live for them. Nobody embodies the later like Margie does. Margie was born in a small town where she not only had no exposure to horses, but had no opportunity to have one. Her passion and desire for horses was so incredibly strong that she painstakingly worked her way up from earning her first horse and teaching herself with the help of other local kids who had horses, how to ride, to owning and operating an Arabian farm. After nearly fifty years in the horse world her greatest horse she had ever had the honor of knowing was her first horse named Mutt. He may have been an unknown mix breed from an Amish auction, but what he lacked on his resume he more than made up for in every other way.

karla clarkKarla Clark – Heavenly father had blessed her with not only the “horse gene,” but also being born into horses with an experienced mother to guide her. Karla has been riding for longer than she can remember and eagerly taking in as much as she can learn about horses. With a passion for learning, teaching, experiencing, and sharing all there is to know about horses, Karla believes there is no end to equine education. She is particularly interested in several disciplines such as; trick riding, mounted shooting, barrel racing, trail, training, and an extra special interest in the Paso Fino breed. This passion for the breed started with her first horse Amigo (Illusion Del Pastor). Like Mutt he is that once in a lifetime partner that will forever be the most perfect equine partner.

Karla Clark opened La Hacienda Del Amigos LLC in 2011 due to a tremendous passion for the Paso Fino breed. Karlas’ experience growing up on an Arabian farm gave her a great deal of affection for the spirited, noble breed. However, after always having a passion for Latin culture and Spanish horses it was a very natural progression to the Paso Fino breed. Karlas’ first horse, Amigo, was not only a textbook example of the breed, but an exceptional horse as well. Amigos’ grand-sire was El Pastor, the legendary foundation stallion from Greener Pastures Ranch in Florida, and Amigo is a wonderful tribute to him. This horse can be credited for the aspiration for Karla to share this wonderful breed to anyone interested.

One trait that can be noted as very unique and admirable about the culture of the Paso Fino world is that those who truly know how fantastic the breed is are not only happy to share it with those interested, but will bend over backwards to help anyone progress in the breed. While many breed registries have a reputation for a cut throat demeanor to others, the Paso Fino world has a very traditional family like quality of truly aspiring to help one another.

While we are still a small farm starting out in western Pennsylvania, we have big goals of growing to be able to educate, and help as many horses and people accomplish their best potential in the equine world.